Survey Time

Application: Dec.25th, 2009 (Fri.) ~ Jan. 29th, 2010 (Fri.)
Feedback:  Jan. 11th, 2010 (Mon.) ~ Mar.7th, 2010 (Wed.)
Survey Report sending:  Apr. 2010

Survey Contents

The questionnaire is made up of three parts: Sales Resources Investment (Input), Sales Resources Management (Process), and Sales Outcomes (Output).

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The survey feedback would be treated statistically and analyzed. All company and personal information would be in strict confidentiality and should not be disclosed to the third party.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

China is now confronting a significant changeover from global plant to global consumer market, thus it is time for enterprises in China to start reform on sale marketing activities.

The worldwide economic crisis starting from last year leads to sales decline of many enterprises. This inspires the leaders, sales management and HR managers to think about and looking for solutions to below questions:
  How to motivate the sales team to get higher sales revenue?
  Is it necessary to reevaluate the sales award method?
  How to improve the sales methods and sales procedures?
  How do the good-performance companies promote their sales?

To provide enterprise advises on how to achieve better sales performance by improving both sales and marketing activities, Shanghai Foreign Service Co.,Ltd and the Japan Research Institute Limited organize the Sales Effectiveness Survey in China The Survey is aimed to understand the actual situation of enterprises in China from the point view of sales force management and human resource management for Sales Force Effectiveness. The following two points would be concerned in the survey:
  1) Characteristics and tendency of enterprises of various nationalities,
  2) Key points for improving company performance in China.

We will provide the free Survey Report to those supporting enterprises investigated.
Your support and cooperation would be greatly appreciated.